Questions to ask a lawyer about divorce

Ten Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer in the Initial Interview You may be shopping around to find a divorce attorney to represent you, if you are contemplating a divorce. In the preliminary consultation, you’ll find many important questions which you should ask.

How long have you ever been practicing, and what proportion of your practice is specialized in family law?

It’s important to have a lawyer who’s experienced in family law. In this era of specialization, it’s impossible to do everything properly.

Will I have to pay more in my divorce settlement if I triggered the break down of of the the wedding through other or adultery means?

It is a standard concern/misconception. Divorce settlements follow a legal frame work and you won`t be awarded less because of infidelity for example.

Will I be charged for the time allocated to the phone about my case to you?

Before entering into any relationship using a provider, it`s excellent to be obvious on specifically that which you will and won`t be billed for. Like, in the event you invest an hour on the phone every week to your divorce solicitor, you need to expect to be charged due to their time and knowledge.

Does it make make a difference difference basically get divorced in England or Scotland?

The divorce regulations in England & Wales vary from from these in Scotland therefore it`s recommended to check with your lawyer where you`re suitable to file for divorce and which set of regulations might offer you the most readily useful chance of the outcome you`re seeking for.

Does one specialize in divorces, or are divorces just a part of your practice?

How long have you ever been practicing family regulation? How many family law cases have you handled? Are you a “certified family law professional?”

So funds could be reached will our assets be valued? For your peace of brain you`ll want to know you`re getting an honest settlement. If you`re maybe not sure about how your assets will be valued for this purpose, be sure you ask the question in the start of the process.



Who is the richest lawyer in the world

While the names of the people included in this listing aren’t the wealthiest in the planet, they are the richest in their selected market – law. Here is a listing of the top ten richest attorneys in the world.

Howard K. Stern – $500,000

Howard K. Stern, despite being the last on this list of the richest attorneys in the world, he is still one of the most wealthy, along with his net worth at around amount of $ 500. Born Howard Kevin Stern on the 29th of November, 1968, this American attorney is also the agent and the former domestic partner of the late Anna Nicole Smith (design). Stern was born and raised in Los Angeles. He graduated in the University of California, where he finished is bachelor`s degree. His admission to the State Bar of California took place on the 25th of February ,

Vikki Ziegler – $2.5 Million

Vikki Ziegler is attorney, author, and a tv character. Hailing from New-Jersey, Ziegler has earned her regulation degree in the Quinnipiac College School of Law, which is a university in Connecticut and is a graduate of the College of Rhodeisland. After she graduated from law-school, she first labored as an Nj-New Jersey mediator before training as a court clerk. In the late 90`s, Ziegler decided to open her own private practice that specific in civil and matrimonial litigation. Vikki Ziegler`s internet worth is reported to be-at $2.5 million.

Vernon Jordan – $1-2 Million

Vernon Jordan is a civil rights activist, and at the sam-e time, also a lawyer. He was born in Georgia. This American attorney is known for excelling in college. In 1957, he graduated from DePauw College. He earned his degree in the Howard College School of Law. After his graduation, we went back to Georgia, where here worked for Donal L. Hollowel, a lawyer very specialized in civil rights. Jordan played a large part in winning a lawsuit for racial discrimination from the University of Georgia, while working for Hollowel. Vernon Jordan has an internet worth of $12 million.

Willie E. Gary – $100 Million

Willie E. Gary is attorney, who was born in Georgia, businessman, and a speaker. He graduated from Shaw College, where he acquired his Enterprise Administration degree. Following this, he went to take up law, and he graduated in the North Carolina Central College having a degree. It truly is reported that Willie E. Gary is worth $100-million. He is the guy liable for opening and establishing Martin County`s first-ever black law firm.

Joel Segal – $40 Million

Joel Segal is a graduate of the Hofstra Law School, where he received his law degree. He started his job in his practice as sports agent and a contractor advisor. He then proceeded to join the Worldwide Soccer Management, Inc. where he became the president again in 1997. He’s the current president of BEST Football and Lagedere Unrestricted. Joel Segal, apart from having a net worth of $40-million, is also continually being rated as one of the world`s most potent sports brokers.

Wichai Thongthan – $1.1 Billion

Wichai Thongthan undoubtedly deserves the number one place on this list of the richest lawyers in the world for having a net worth of $1.1 billion. It is a significant leap in the $100-million internet worth of Willie E. Gary. He is best recognized if you are a business man, but before he really entered this market, he first practiced law. He represented really potent clients, for example Thaksin Shinawatra, the Thai Prime Minister. Wichai Thongthan is one of the board members of companies for example Bangkok Dusit Medical.

Questions About Employment Law

Q.What is Labor Law?

A. Employment Law or Labor Law concerns the legal relationship between employers and employees. Statutes regarding labor law are found at all levels of government, to county and city, from federal to say. Labor law determines. Once an employer makes an offer for employment to a worker the law regulating the relationship between an employer and an employee starts. Labor law regulates the connection between employer and employee — employment reviews, job duties, salary, promotions, rewards, the hiring process and termination of their employment relationship. It has lawsuit on the grounds of unfair labour practices and discrimination. According to the United States Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics project bias lawsuits filed in U.S. District Courts soared from 6,936 from 1990 to 21,540 in 1998.

Q. Can an employer fire a employee that won’t operate on his scheduled day off?

Most directors aren’t dumb enough to do random firings as it could be dreadful for morale. Also, most businesses have rules that their local supervisors are advised to comply with, which are designed as managements understand that it is bad for business long term to stop random firings. However, insubordination is always. A supervisor must care for the requirements of the business. When there is really a need for the worker to be there about what was a scheduled off day, and there’s not any true hardship or very strong reason why he couldn’t change your schedule once in a while (such as the employee is getting married to the day the boss wants him to operate, or attending an out of town occasion with non airplane tickets) , but the employee is inflexible, there is absolutely no legal reason preventing the termination of the worker.

Q. Are employees entitled to see their documents?

A. Unless the state has a statute (or case law) governing access to personnel records, an employer is not required to let an employee view his/her document. It is normally regarded as the company’s property, even though the file is about the employee.

Q. Does flirting and bantering between co-workers constitute sexual harassment?

The same can be said of flirting. What can be free or flattering can be objectionable offensive, and frightening to another. One person may regard flirting or mild horseplay as innocent pleasure, and it may not be viewed as objectionable at the time of their behaviour, but someone else may see it as aggressive, insulting, and demeaning, or down the street it might be regarded as part of a pattern of a hostile environment.

Q. Can an employer establish different probationary periods for new employees?

A. An employer is free to establish a probationary period. This could make the employer vulnerable to a claim of discrimination while probationary periods may be established for various categories of employees, or different employees. Thus, an employer ought to be prepared to justify any differences.

Q. What happens if an employee is injured at work?

A. After injury or illness occurs, it is the employees responsibility to complete a claim form and to submit it to the employer or the state workers’ compensation agency/board. Normally, an employer is going to have the claim forms available. The employer will submit the claim to the insurance company. The employer is given an opportunity to respond to the claim. If he fails to contest the claim, payment of medical bills and wages will be drawn up from the insurance company. If the employer contests the claim to determine whether or not or how much, compensation is owed to the worker A hearing could be scheduled.


Steps Of Becoming A Lawyer

TIP 1 Feel it in Your Gut

If you meet with a customer and you believe it in your gut that there’s something wrong with this client, listen to your body and do not take on the document, best ideas to Real Estate Lawyers. In most cases, your first instinct will be proper. There are plenty of lawyers out there to help that client.

TIP 7 Agendas and To-Do Lists

The lawyer engages the client in the settlement process; and

TIP 19 Using Psychologists

In a contentious custody dispute, consider referring the customer to a psychologist for continuing counselling during the lawsuit. Benefits include: yet, the customer has a trained practitioner to help with the issues existing that is very emotional, and the attorney can concentrate on the issues that are legal; and the psychologist, two can be useful in helping the customer to provide reasonable instructions.

TIP 12 Be Careful About What the Client Says

Never trust your customer regarding how title to land is held. There may be instances or, your client’s claim may significantly affect. It’s absolutely amazing clients are wrong about who owns what.

TIP 20 Be Genuine

The most important component of lawyering is the ability to connect with your clientele. Treat them just like friends and show your interest in them. Be real. Lawyers who do so are much more happy, as are their clients.

TIP 22 You Are Not Right for Everybody

Attempt to create your legal clinic fit you and your style instead of attempting to change yourself to fit someone else’s idea of what family law practice ought to be. Stay true to your principles and values and do not attempt to change who you are to accommodate a customer. Don’t try and become a round peg in a square hole. There are lots of customers, some fit and some do not. There are lawyers who can help.

Lawyers Logo Pictures

Welcome to The Law Offices of Last Name, Name, and Last Name.

If we accept that your firm name might not be the catchiest corporate brand in all of the world, what do you do to set yourself apart and make a direct impression on the general public?


More muted in colour (not excessively bright or cartoony)3. Work with the Best


Your law company logo will appear on the top of stationary, for one thing, which means it should look great in both color and black-and-white.


technical wizards, and


Let us wed your law firm logo with a site that will allow you to bolster your bottom line. Contact Black Fin and discover out today what we can do for you.

Ask A Legal Question For Free

Did any classes prove especially useful as you started practicing?

If I had known better at the moment, I would have taken a course on contract or transactional drafting, both of which are skills I never developed very well partly because I never felt I’d obtained a solid base for them in law school. Accounting was not taken by me, but a number of my classmates did. I believe an comprehension of accounting principles may be beneficial for analyzing damages and the worth of instances for conducting your own practice but.

What do you like most about your job? Least?

I love writing and my work is heavily oriented in that way. I’ve been able to write four books and countless book chapters and articles . And writing has helped to establish me and make my practice more effective.

Would you really have to drive yourself to the ground the first couple of years of practice to create it?

Although I can’t speak for other companies, none of our partners (senior or junior) are assessed exclusively on the number of hours that they work. In fact clients are becoming increasingly sensitive to charging concerns. If you want to ensure your success as a lawyer, ask yourself whether you are succeeding in meeting with your clients’ needs. As a senior associate or a spouse, your client is likely the client that is paying to get your law firm’s services. As a new partner, your client may be for whom you are working, the associate or partner. Regardless of whom your customer is, the best way to become a precious and indispensible part of your organization is to make sure your client is happy. It is not about the number of hours spent at the workplace. Rather, it is all about the quality. Make certain that you are providing . Sometimes that could mean a weekend at the workplace or that a very long day. Other times, however, that means a reasonable afternoon followed by dinner with your loved ones or friends.

Was there anything that you wanted you’d have done otherwise in law school that you did not realize before you started to practice?

I wish I had dealt with my discomfort over speaking to people about, and asking them for, money. When I first opened my practice to talk to customers about cash and ask them write me a check, it was very uncomfortable. I had read Jay Foonberg’s book, How to begin and Build a Law Practice, which had tips on addressing this aspect of practice. However, I wish I’d worked with a money trainer (or even done role playing with buddies) for over my distress of saying, “The retainer in this matter is X, and I cannot begin work without it.” Practice saying this until it seems like second nature if you do nothing else.