We are Moving :)

We are Moving! :)

If you have been previously following my blog Film Police Reviews, you are probably wondering why I have stopped posting film reviews and other film-related insights. Well, the reason for this is because I have stepped in to a very much larger arena, a most relevant analogy I presume for WordPress Developers:

I have moved, from WP dot com, to the dot org.

Yes, WordPress.com has such a beautiful community of like-minded cinephiles but I felt that the features are limiting as to what kind of film-related content we can share to that very community. For instance: if I wanted to give away pre-loved DVDs, I couldn’t, because it is against the dot com’s terms.

Suffice it to say: with the dot org, like Lucy, you are limitless. Practically.

We invite you now to check out the brand-new Film Police Reviews in the same o’ domain name: www.filmpolicereviews.com, of course now packed with plenty of new features (an upcoming one, for instance, is called The Spoiler Zone, where for one post per film only, you can discuss spoiler-ish insights).

Finally, it is important to mention that we cover everything from Film, Television, Music, Books, Comic Books to Video Games. And because this is a nightmarish workload, we are always on the-look-out for willing fresh writing talents who want to join our team.

For more information about the blog’s dress-up, click here; and to forward writer applications and other matters, put yo’click right here.

Cheers, and thanks for your ever-awesome support!

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